Depot Information & Location

Depot Location:

Rexin Container Depot
Noeldekestr. 6
21079 Hamburg (Germany)

(! Instruct your drivers to proceed TO THE VERY END of the Noeldekestr. and make a right turn towards terminal area !)

Contact for release-check and questions:

[email protected]

Opening hours:

Mo. - Fr. 07:00 a.m. - upon request

Please verify our opening hours if in doubt, especially on national holidays.

Terminal Traffic System

Important Information !

Securing of container on trucks with TWISTLOCKS only!

No lashing devices allowed on standard containers !

High reflective vest is mandatory on our terminal.

All visitors have to attend our main office (interchange) BEFORE entering the terminal area.

Forklifts and terminal vehicles have priority at all times.

In case of questions or an emergency, contact our staff immediately.